MARC records external sources

Installing MARCMagician Professional 2011:

  • Login with admin privileges
  • Click Start / Settings / Control Panel
  • Add/Remove programs – REMOVE old versions of MarcMagician
  • Applications are downloaded from the MarcMagician website.
  • Click ‘Download MarcMagician Professional 2011‘
  • Click ‘Download the Marc Wizard‘ (note internet permissions instructions)
  • When installation is complete, double click desktop shortcut to MarcWizard
  • Login with campus login and password (login to RRISD email and click here to view)
  • Click ‘remember password’
  • Use MarcWizard for Marc On Demand, FastMARC and ARmatch features
  • Set permissions as instructed on the Mitinet web site
  • Launch MARCMagician Professional 2011, select username, click OK. Follow the directions below to set options for MARCMagician Professional.
  • Type in Access Key (or call Diane Hart or Tech Support, 800 824-6272), click ‘Next’ and ‘Next’ again
  • Options Cataloging tab, choose Custom to set Holdings fields for SIRSI, ‘next’
  • In Holdings fields and subfields window, type ‘949ailmoptuxz’
  • In Barcode window, type ‘949i’
  • In Call Number window, type ‘949a’
  • Click OK, check your entries and make any corrections in the next window, then click ‘next’
  • On Active Error Checking screen, select Texas Library Connection, click ‘next’
  • On Enter Name screen, enter librarian’s name, click ‘next’
  • Click ‘Finish’

The first time you use MARC Magician Professional, check the options, as follows:

From the MasterList screen, click ‘File’ and choose ‘Options’ Cataloging Tab User Defined Fields and Subfields, enter ‘949ailmoptuxz’

NOTE: Add additional MARC fields using the ‘F-‘ button in the Cataloger View window.

Install MARCMagician Professional

  • Set options for import
  • Download sample recordss from OhioLink and/or Library of Congress
  • Import records into MARC Magician
  • Edit records with MARCMagician
  • Add 949 field information (use global edit for common information)a = call number [ex. 323.1 WOR]
    • i = barcode [ex. 30125000012345, must be 14 digits]
    • m = campus name [ex. WELLSBRNCH, must be SIRSI system name]
    • o = Staff Comments [ex. Purchased by Elem. Math Curriculum]
    • p = price [$10.00…must be in this format]
    • t = item type [must be EXACTLY like drop-down choice in WorkFlows]
    • u = date entered [ex. 02/02/2014]
    • x = material type [must be EXACTLY like WorkFlows, see 949 Field chart]
    • z = funding source [ see 949 Field guide]

Original Records, 040 Cataloging Agency information:

040a TxRrISD

040c TxRrISD

  • Export record(s) to file (select or highlight records, click File/export and save in your Marc Export folder on the desktop)
  • Attach file to email to Diane Hart to be loaded into SIRSI

Print Spine Labels

  • Select (highlight) all records that need labels
  • Click ‘Record’ on top toolbar
  • Select ‘Record View’
  • Click on ‘Labels’ tab in Record View window
  • Click ‘Options’ to choose:
    • label stock
    • spine font, font size
    • starting row & column to print
  • Click ‘Print All Labels’
  • NOTE: check the Demco catalog for the spine label stock

MARC MagicianProfessional Ready Reference

949l [location] and corresponding 949t [ItemType]Refer to Circulation Map if you have a question about the circulation period for an item type, if there is no entry in the map, the item will not check out correctly. The location should reflect your local campus use.

Managing Files in MARCMagician

Help setting download location when using Chrome.


  • Create 2 Desktop folders:
    • MARC new
      • Detach vendor record files to this location
    • MARC exported
      • Select/Export updated vendor files to this file
      • Optional: include export date in file name
      • Email updated files to Sirsi administrator to be loaded into WorkFlows
      • Delete exported files from Master List [ctrl + Delete]
  • Advantage of this system:
    • ONLY current (new) records in the Master List
    • fewer chances of sending duplicate records to be loaded


  • Create multiple LISTS within MARCMagician
    • open MARCMagician
    • click ‘list’/choose ‘New list’
    • name list, ex. ‘Follett P.O. xxxx’
    • import vendor records into list:
      • click file/import
      • choose LIST NAME in drop down field ‘Add records to list’
      • export updated records and send updated file to Sirsi administrator for loading
  • Advantages of this system:
    • Master List is a cumulative record of materials added
    • List may include multiple batches from the same vendor
    • Maintain separate lists by vendor or funding source

Subfiled I = shelf location

EQ [equipment]

IN [most library books]



PROFESSION [professional books or av] LIBOFFICE

NONPRINT [av materials]

Subfiled t = type

EQUIPMENT or EQ_TEMP [1 week circ.]