Cultivate a community for creativity, literacy and lifelong learning.


RRISD Library Services produces discerning, information literate problem solvers who are prepared to succeed in a diverse society.


  • Cultivate a love of reading.
  • Preserve and protect intellectual freedom.
  • Foster creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking.
  • Provide personalized learning opportunities and resources for staff and students.
  • Provide equitable access to technology and information literacy skills.
  • Serve as instructional leaders on campus, district, state and national levels.

Library Systems Perspective


The library program is not confined to a single facility or area within a school, but extends into all areas for the purpose of enhancing and implementing effective use of learning resources, media, and technology.

The library program provides the following:

  • A commitment to link formal, school-based learning and independent, life-long learning by defining subject-matter knowledge and information literacy skills.
  • Appropriate collections of resources and equipment for classroom instruction as well as individual use, with these collections organized for easy accessibility, optimum use, and efficient maintenance;
  • Efficient and attractive working areas for students and faculty, and a supportive and pleasant environment;
  • Effective management of library facilities and activities, which is flexible and based upon a continuing needs assessment and input from faculty, administrators, and students;
  • Consultant services to teachers and staff to improve their use of library resources and facilities and their utilization of learning resources in the classroom;
  • Individual and group instruction to students in the effective use of information problem solving skills, library resources, and facilities;
  • Coordination of instructional resources and services from the district and regional levels;
  • Information about current educational developments.